See And Be Seen – There’s An App For That

Michale Capponi during his visit to Haiti, noticed the possible right away, and quickly started generating a new vision for the historic downtown district. In no time at all he had teamed up with many local Haitian enterprise leaders, eager to see the town reborn. This also gave him the inspiration to develop an App.

Your private jet just landed in Paris, and you’re wondering which nightclub is your best bet for mingling with the social elite tonight. There’s an app for that. Michael Capponi (Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell have created InList, a mobile luxury concierge application that alerts elite travelers to the hottest events in town, and offers reservation service, to boot.

Elite Traveler recently interviewed Capponi and Kimbrell about their app and why they created it. Michael Capponi, known as the “Godfather of Miami Nightlife,” saw that keeping track of all the extravagant parties, celebrity events, hot nightspots, and red carpet happenings world-wide was becoming incredibly cumbersome for everyone involved. By teaming with software developer Gideon Kimbrell and launching InList, they solved that issue. InList is eminently helpful to its members for everything from reserving a villa in Cannes during the Film Festival, to knowing where to be seen in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl.

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