The Benefits of Using InList By Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell

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Capponi’s encounter on the earthquake in Haitin marked him for life. In spite of the surprising injuries and gaping, maggot-invested wounds he aided clean, he fell in love with Haiti, and its people.

Now he has gone one stage more. Annoyed by the slow tempo of the worldwide recovery energy and his wish to resettle the tent city dwellers, Capponi has launched a tourism redevelopment project in Jacmel, a quaint town on the south coast known for its local artists and papier-maché handicrafts.

In order for him to help more, he’s making himself busy with his business endeavors. InList is a brand new mobile app that is currently taking Miami Beach, Florida by storm. Concocted by respected lifestyle and real estate professional Michael Capponi and skilled software guru Gideon Kimbrell, the app is a revelation for big time travelers, specifically those who run in elite circles. Know more about this Michael Capponi – Miami – nightlife & clubs – InList.


Although Capponi is known for renovating and constructing gorgeous properties all throughout Miami, his technology endeavors are currently a big focus for him, as well. The goal behind InList is to boost the convenience of traveling for its users. InList is available just to members. If an individual has InList installed on his mobile device, he can use it for multiple convenient purposes during travel. The app is beneficial for securing reservations at popular and busy dining establishments all around the planet, for example. It’s also beneficial for learning about hot events that are not readily available to the rest of the public.

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